Salzburgo rinde homenaje a Plácido Domingo


The Salzburg Whitsun Festival, renowned for its celebration of classical music and opera, was the perfect setting for a gala marking the 50-year milestone of Plácido Domingo’s illustrious career. This grand event, featuring an exquisite selection of arias and duets from Rossini, Bizet, Massenet, Verdi, and selected Zarzuelas, was a spectacular homage to one of the most legendary figures in the operatic world.

From the moment the Münchner Rundfunkorchester, under the deft baton of Marco Armiliato, launched into the overture from Verdi’s «Nabucco,» the audience was transported into a realm of musical brilliance. The orchestra’s performance was vibrant and dynamic, setting a powerful tone for the evening’s proceedings.

Giuseppe Verdi’s compositions dominated the program, a fitting choice given the composer’s significant role in Domingo’s career. The evening began with the overture to «Nabucco,» a piece that perfectly showcased the orchestra’s precision and Armiliato’s insightful direction.

Following this, the hauntingly beautiful scene and aria ‘Tombe degli avi miei’ — ‘Fra poco a me ricovero’ from Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor was delivered with exquisite emotion. This portrayal of Edgardo’s despair was deeply moving, capturing the audience’s heart from the very first note. Verdi’s Macbeth brought a dark and dramatic shift with ‘Perfidi! All’anglo contro me v’unite!’ — ‘Pietà, rispetto, onore’. The performance was nothing short of masterful, his rich, commanding voice conveying Macbeth’s turmoil and defiance with gripping intensity.

A highlight of the first half was undoubtedly the duet ‘Pura siccome un angelo’ from Verdi’s La traviata. The chemistry between Violetta and Giorgio Germont was palpable, their voices blending in a sublime harmony that beautifully illustrated the poignant dynamics of the scene. Rossini’s ‘Asile héréditaire’ from Guillaume Tell was another standout moment, where the tenor’s agility and control were on full display. The aria’s demanding passages were executed with breathtaking precision, showcasing a vocal prowess that left the audience in awe.

Verdi’s ‘Elle ne m’aime pas !’ from Don Carlos and Massenet’s ‘Ô souverain, ô juge, ô père’ from Le Cid were delivered with equal passion and skill, each aria unfolding a narrative of love, longing, and regal despair that resonated deeply with the listeners. The first half concluded with the poignant duet ‘Mira, di acerbe lagrime’ from Verdi’s Il trovatore, a stirring blend of voices that perfectly encapsulated the tragic beauty of Verdi’s masterpiece.

After a well-deserved interval, the performance resumed with Bellini’s overture to Norma, a piece that was executed with a delicate balance of drama and lyricism. The aria ‘Casta Diva’ that followed was a sublime invocation, with the soprano’s voice of Aida Garifullina soaring gracefully, embodying the ethereal beauty of Bellini’s music. Bizet’s Les Pêcheurs de perles brought a delightful contrast with the duet ‘C’est toi’ — ‘Au fond du temple saint’. The blending of tenor and baritone voices created a mesmerizing sonic tapestry, evoking the exotic allure of Bizet’s score.

The inclusion of zarzuela pieces added a distinctive charm to the program. Federico Moreno Torroba’s ‘Amor, vida de mi vida’ from Maravilla and Manuel Penella’s ‘Torero quiero sér’ from El gato montés showcased Domingo’s deep connection to his Spanish roots. His interpretation was passionate and authentic, breathing new life into these lesser-known but profoundly beautiful works.

Cilea’s ‘Io son l’umile ancella’ from Adriana Lecouvreur and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Kuda, kuda’ from Eugene Onegin were poignant reminders of the operatic world’s vast emotional range. Each aria was a testament to the performers’ ability to convey the deepest of human emotions with their powerful and expressive voices. The concert was a fitting tribute to Placido Domingo’s illustrious career, each piece a gem that highlighted the timelessness of his artistry. The combination of celebrated classics and evocative zarzuelas created a rich, varied program that delighted and moved the audience. It was an evening of profound musical beauty, a celebration of an extraordinary artist, and a testament to the enduring power of opera.

The tribute to the opera career of Placido Domingo was celebrated by Aida Garifullina, Elena Stikhina, Sonya Yoncheva, René Barbera, Bekhzod Davronov, Dmitry Korchak, Rolando Villazón and Erwin Schrott. The «50 Years of Domingo in Salzburg» concert was not just a celebration of one man’s illustrious career but also a radiant beacon of the timeless beauty and power of opera. Each performance throughout the evening was a testament to the extraordinary artistry that has defined Domingo’s legacy and continues to inspire audiences around the world. As the final notes echoed through the hall, the air was thick with a sense of awe and appreciation.

Placido Domingo’s enduring presence on the stage, his voice resonating with unwavering strength and emotion, serves as a hopeful reminder of the boundless possibilities within the realm of opera. This celebration in Salzburg was not just a reflection of a remarkable 50-year journey but also a hopeful promise of many more years of captivating performances to come. The future of opera shines brightly, and with maestros like Domingo leading the way, its legacy will continue to flourish, inspiring new generations of music lovers and performers alike.


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